Wedding Fair or Wedding Fayre: Which is it?

Fair or fayre? We got busted by a simple Google search. 
And we owe you an apology.
After writing hundreds of posts promotingwedding open days, showcases and exhibitions, we assumed that we had wedding terminology down-pat.

It turns out that we didn’t.

All’s Fair or Fayre in Love (and Wedding Planning)

According to The Cambridge Dictionary, Fayre is: “an old-fashioned spelling of fair, used to talk about a traditional public event where goods are bought and sold and where there is entertainment: a country fayre”Uh-oh.
We went back through some of our posts to double check what we've been using and...
How to Survive a Wedding Fayre 

Hadley Park is Hosting a Wedding Fayre
And these weren't the only ones. 

In fact, every single wedding event we’ve advertised (aside from those specifically marketed as open days) has been described as a fayre.
Okay, we thought, let’s get a second opinion.  

The Oxford English Dictionary said:

Fare is a “pseudo-archaic spelling of fair and fare”
Archaic as in ol…

Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Beech Hill Hotel in Cumbria

Cumbria is the third largest county in England and is home to some superb wedding venues.
And we should know because we list a number of them on the Pink Wedding Days website. 
One of our favourites is The Beech Hill Hotel and Spa.

Sitting on the shore of Lake Windermere, The Beech Hill Hotel offers weddings that can be tailored entirely to your requirements.
You’ll benefit from the services of a wedding coordinator who’ll help you throughout the planning process. If you’d like a more hands-off approach, then The Beech Hill Hotel and Spa wedding team can handle everything from flowers to the wedding cake, music and much more.
There’s an AA-award winning restaurant on site, too, that uses locally sourced ingredients, so your tastebuds are in good hands.
If you’re in the mood for some pampering, then there’s always the Lake View spa which has excellent facilities.

Here’s what The Beech Hill Hotel has to say in their own words:
Choose the Beech Hill Hotel as the venue for your dream wedding d…

We're Up For a UK Blog Award

2018 has got off to a cracking start for us – we’ve been shortlisted for a UK Blog Award!
You might remember that we made the cut in 2016, too, and we’re thrilled to be amongst the finalists again.
Thank you to everyone who visits this blog and the Pink Wedding Days Directory and, of course, to everyone that voted for us.

We look forward to seeing what 2018 holds for same-sex marriage in the UK and around the world. 

We're Breaking Up for Christmas!

Our office is now closed until Wednesday, January 3rd.
We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas with lots of good will and cheer (and prosecco and presents, too).
Our social media team will be popping in and out of Twitter and Facebook over the festive period, so give them a wave and a mince pie if they pop up in your timeline. 
See you all in 2018!

Ten Tips to Staying Healthy on Your Honeymoon

Once the wedding is booked, it’s time to start thinking about the honeymoon.
Whether you’re planning a city break or an extended trip around the world, it’s important to take care of your health when you’re away.
After all, a dramatic swoon should follow a grand romantic gesture rather than be a response to the hotel’s hot buffet.
Fortunately, the fab people at have enlisted the help of Dr Ricardo Di Cuffa to give you ten tips to keep you healthy on your honeymoon. 

1.     Vaccinations - Seek advice from your GP at least eight weeks prior to your trip to ensure you know what you need, what the risks are at your holiday destination, and so that you can make an appointment in advance and the vaccinations have time to work.

For general travel information try
2.     The following travel vaccinations are usually available free on the NHS: diphtheria, polio and tetanus (combined vaccine and usually booster as all children will have had this as…

Pug or Partner?

We’re leaning towards pug.
(And just think, you can’t marry a pug so that will save you nearly £30,000 just by skipping the wedding.) 

pug or partner? by Moneypod.

Pink Wedding Days advertises wedding venues to same-sex couples both in the UK and abroad, and want to help promote your venue or service.  
Contact our sales team for more details via 0121 277 4714 or email ushere or drop us a tweet or facebook message and our social media team will pass your details on. 

Wedding Venue Spotlight: Kingswood Meeting House, Hollywood, Birmingham.

We’re so excited to welcome the Kingswood Meeting House onto the Pink Wedding Days website.  

Kingswood Meeting House in Hollywood, Birminghamis part of the Unitarian Church, and you may remember that we've written about them before.It's one of the few religious groups to actively support same-sex marriage and LGBT relationships. Rev Antony Howe, Minister at Kingswood Meeting House, told a local newspaper:

"We know that some other churches are not willing to allow same-sex weddings to take place; that is their right. Unitarians believe that God welcomes all, and our church is on the side of love.”
He went on to say:
“Our beautiful church has always been a popular venue for weddings, and I am absolutely delighted that we will now be able to extend a welcome to same-sex couples, and that they will be able to legally marry in our church."
^ Isn’t that amazing?

But what makes this wedding venue so special isn't just its open-hearted approach to
same-sex relationships. I…

Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Whitewater Hotel, Lake District

The Whitewater Hotel near Newby Bridge in the Lake District is one of the more historical and charming LGBT-friendly wedding venues listed on the Pink Wedding Days website.
Looking for a wedding venue in Cumbria?
Just one mile away from Lake Windemere, The four-star Whitewater Hotel was previously a Dolly Blue pigment factory, and there’s plenty of its historical character still reflected throughout the building.

If you’re looking for relaxation before (or after) your wedding day, then we’d recommend spending some time in the hotel’s Cascades Leisure and Fitness Spa.  There’s a heated indoor pool, a steam room, Jacuzzi and a range of pampering spa treatments that are sure to keep calm and contented.
The Whitewater has thirty-five guest bedrooms including twelve family rooms, so there’s no need to break up the celebrations early.  For those who enjoy sitting and sipping something hot (or something cold and alcoholic), both the Dolly Blue Bar and the hotel’s terraces enjoy views of the Riv…

Australia Has Legalised Same-Sex Marriage.

Australia has legalised same-sex marriage.
All that’s left to do is for the Australian Governor-General to sign it into lawa formality. 
Equal marriage sailed through the House of Representatives without amendment and was supported by the vast majority of Australian MPs from all sides of the political spectrum.
The first gay weddings will take place in January.

There’s good news, too, for couples who married overseas: their marriages will now be legally recognised throughout Australia.
More than 12.7 million people voted with over 60% saying that yes, gay marriage should be legal.
The postal vote wasn’t popular, however, even amongst those who supported equal marriage, and its result wasn’t even legally binding, but it has been the catalyst to redefining Australia’s marriage laws.
It’s great news, too, for those transitioning from one gender to another. If they’re married, it means they’ll no longer need to divorce in order to remain married.
Australia always appeared to be teetering on t…

Austria Will Legalise Same-Sex Marriage From 2019

Austria’s Constitutional Court has legalised same-sex marriage after ruling that a ban on gay weddings was discriminatory.
The case was heard after a lesbian couple was denied permission to marry in the Austrian capital, Vienna.  
The women argued that the refusal was unfair and that it violated the country's equality laws, and the court agreed with them. 
Austria's first gay weddings are expected to take place in January 2019 at the latest. 

This is fantastic news for the country's LGBT-community.  

Many European countries already allow same-sex marriage including neighbouring Germany, who legalised gay marriage back in June.
Good news for opposite-sex couples, too, as civil partnerships will be offered to everyone, including heterosexuals. 
It's interesting that Austria is expanding availability beyond the LGBT community whereas here in the UK, the Government is considering scrapping civil partnerships entirely.

Pink Wedding Days advertises wedding venues to same-sex couples…