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Pink Wedding Days is an online wedding directory and we’ve got some superb LGBT-friendly venues, service providers and vendors listed on our website.

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Gay Marriage: Where is it Legal?

Gay marriage - it’s been an interesting few months.  
Last month, a court in Taiwan ruled that the country’s current marriage law was unconstitutional which means that Taiwan SHOULD become the first Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage. 
And if the rumours are true, Thailand might not be far behind.
Germany and Malta both legalised gay marriage in July.
Malta has proven something of a pro-LGBT powerhouse in recent years. Remarkable when you consider that it's still a very Catholic society and that the island only legalised divorce in 2011. 
But there’s been frustration recently, too. Australia and Northern Ireland are still teetering on the brink of the same-sex marriage issue with both countries facing political stalemate despite increased public support for gay marriage.

Given that so much has changed since we last posted about equal marriage around the world, we thought it was worth an update.
So where exactly can you get married?
The Netherlands (2000)

Belgium (2003)

Canada (20…

Kiehl Store on Covent Garden is Supporting MTV Staying Alive

Planning a shopping trip to London’s Covent Garden?
Then make sure you pop into the Kiehl store on Monmouth Street and help support MTV Staying Alive – a vitally important HIV and AIDs charity.
A £3 donation will get you a mini facial and a lucky dip travel size item.
We hadn’t heard of the charity until today, but the work they do is absolutely vital. And we'd highly recommend you visit the website. They fund HIV prevention projects at grassroots level right across the world. 
£3 is such a small but important contribution.
And it’s win-win. You get to enjoy a few minutes of pampering (and browse the fabulous Kiehl range) and you get to support a really great charity, too.
You can book on 02072402411or pop-into the store.
Kiehl’s and MTV Staying Alive will be using this hashtag. #KIEHLSXMTVSAF

Askham Hall Wedding Offers

The stunning Askham Hall in Penrith, Cumbria, has two fantastic wedding offers right now including one that would be perfect for a winter wonderland wedding...
(which is a strange thing to write in July when we’re literally sweating our socks off BUT December isn’t far away at all) 
And If you’re looking to book now is the time to do it.
And we're not kidding, this is a beautiful wedding venue. 

29th December 2017 – half-price barn hire
As well as an unbelievable barn hire rate Askham Hall is offering a complimentary glass of fizz for all your wedding breakfast guests. 
This is an excellent choice since many guests will be off work for the Christmas holidays plus Askham Hall is perfectly suited for a winter wonderland themed wedding.

Or is December a little too soon?

Then check out Askham Hall’s February offer because they’re offering £2,000 off your total wedding bill which is RIDICULOUS.
Imagine saving £2,000.
Fantastical Friday Offer
The first couple to book a wedding in Bank Barn in Feb…

Malta Legalises Gay Marriage

Malta is one of the world’s most LGBT friendly destinations.
And as if that wasn’t endearing enough, it’s just voted to legalise same-sex marriage.
The country’s marriage act will be amended to include the term ‘spouse’ rather than 'husband and wife'.
Malta has made terrific progress towards equality in recent years which is all the more impressive as it's still a very Catholic country.
Now ranked number 1 for LGBT rights in Europe,it might surprise you that Malta only legalised divorce in 2011. 
They're certainly making up for lost time.
It's been a positive few months for the international LGBT community; in June a court in Taiwan ruled that its ban on same-sex marriage was unlawful. Weeks later and Germany legalised gay marriage. 

We're hoping that the second half of 2017 will continue to be positive. 

Wedding Spotlight: Poachers Country Hotel in Boston

The Poachers Country Hotel in Boston is a superb wedding venue with heaps of airy, rustic charm.  
This family run business prides itself on its bespoke approach to wedding planning whatever your budget.  
Book your wedding here and you’ll benefit from a personal wedding planner, menus filled with scrumptious food, packages for all budgets and tastes, ample parking for guests, a quirky period bar, a garden marquee, landscaped gardens and a wedding breakfast for up to 110 guests...
There’s even a complimentary overnight stay for the happy couple.

Download their wedding brochure and see for yourself. It even includes handy printable planners to keep your ideas and budget on track.
They’ve happily recommended local vendors and service providers, too, which is perfect if you’re looking for a more hands-off approach to planning or if you’re from out-of-town.
You can take a look at their menus, too, and OMG if it doesn’t all look absolutely delicious.

They have special mid-week wedding rates wh…

German Parliament Will Vote on Gay Marriage

The German Parliament will vote on same-sex marriage tomorrow.

President Angela Merkel has announced a free vote on gay marriage meaning party members can vote with their conscience rather than tow the party line.

Support for same-sex marriage is high in Germany. 

Civil partnerships have been legal there since 2001. 

But President Merkel has been reluctant to upset some of the more conservative members of her centre-right coalition government by forcing the issue.  

She's voiced concerns, too, about the rights of children in situations where the parents are in a same-sex marriage.

Her change of heart is almost entirely political.  Germany will soon be heading to the polls and same-sex marriage would have been the ideal platform for her rivals to challenge her on. 

It's easy to be cynical, but this is huge news for Germany's LGBT community. Some measure of opposition is expected but it's likely the vote will pass. 

We'll keep you updated. 

Can’t buy me love? The cost of a date night in the UK and around the world

They say love doesn’t cost a thing, but a new survey has revealed that, in fact, an average date night in the UK clocks in at£75, with those in London paying the most of all (£87). 
Globally however, a date night in the UK is cheaper than the same date in several other major global cities.
An average date night in the UK costs £75

London is the UK’s priciest large city for romance, with an average date costing £87

Cardiff is the UK’s cheapest large city for romance, with an average date costing £48

Globally, the average cost for a date is £68

The most expensive date night worldwide is in Oslo, Norway (£105) and the cheapest is in Bogotá, Columbia (£34)

The cost of a date night in the UK
A new analysis from premium dating site Elite Singles has delved into the cost of love, revealing that a typical date night in the UK (consisting of a mid-range dinner for two, a shared bottle of wine, two cinema tickets, and an 8km taxi ride home) will set you back an a…

Wedding Season Sets the Average Brit Back by £800 Each Year

'Wedding season' sets the average adult back almost £800, a study found.
Research revealed the typical adult will attend three ceremonies this year, spending a total of £266 each time on accommodation, gifts, drinks and travel.
Grandparents will end up with the largest bill, around £430, while the best man will end up with a £313 dent in his bank balance.
The study also found four in ten have gone over budget at a wedding.
However, the value of seeing loved ones walk down the aisle far outweighs the cost for many, with two thirds saying they feel it’s a real honour to be asked to attend a wedding.
Paul Stokes of M&S Bank, who commissioned the study of 2,000 adults, said: 
“We know the privilege of attending a wedding far outweighs the cost for many of us, but with wedding season totalling nearly £800 on average, we wanted to look at the costs and see where guests could make some savings.”

Buying gifts was one of the most expensive elements of attending a wedding, costing guests a…

Booking Your Wedding Photographer: 5 Things to Consider

Finding the right wedding photographer can be tough.
A good photographer does more than just point and click a camera.
And choosing the right person for the job requires more thought and effort than just scrolling through images on a website. 

Of course, there’s the usual pre-decision checklist to keep in mind:
Someone whose work you really likeSomeone within your budgetSomeone available for your dateSomeone able to travel to your venueSomeone with good reviews and recommendations

You'll also want a photographer that gets you. Now, that might sound a little new-age or millennial but it’s vital if you want more than just a record of your day.

Good photography isn't just record keeping.  It's capturing the essence of the occasion in images that will invoke and colour your memory for many years after the 'I dos'.

The only way that you'll get a 'feel' for a photographer is by meeting them and having a conversation with them.
It’s a matter of trust. 
Same-sex coup…